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Karnes County, Texas Health Care Survey

Access to quality health care is essential for the quality of life in any community. From access to emergency services and family practitioners, to specialists, laboratories, and mental health services, access to health care provides opportunities for all to live healthy, fulfilling lives. New health care technology developments offer new treatments and methods of diagnosis, as well as greater access to health care providers via the internet. This is especially critical for two primary groups: those living in rural communities that may not have a local presence for various specialty health care providers, and those unable to physically visit a doctor’s office due to medical conditions or other issues.

This survey is designed to collect data on how our community health care facilities of all types are using broadband and related technologies. Therefore, your responses are key in accurately representing your sector.

Survey respondents should have a working knowledge of the facility's use of technology. Please submit one survey per health care facility. We estimate that this survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

We do not use or share any data collected for any marketing purposes. We do not sell any information collected through these surveys. We do not share individual survey findings with any internet service provider. No personally identifiable information, individual survey responses, or information that could be used to identify a facility and its survey responses are shared with any entity outside of the broadband planning team. No names, addresses, or individual information are shared with any outside entity without the express consent of the individual.

1. What is the address of your health care facility?
This question requires a valid number format.
2. How does the device you’re using to complete this survey connect to the internet?
3. Does the health care facility currently subscribe to internet service?